A Special Opportunity To Own Brooklyn
Brooklyn’s REAL Deal

Headquarters - 2990 Avenue U

345 Atlantic Ave

The HOTTEST Property…
…in the Hottest Location.

Log Cabin - 9301 Flatlands

2926 Avenue J - Prime Midwood Corner

4936 Kings Highway

6416 Bay Parkway

4717 Avenue N

2280 Flatbush

2111 Avenue U

About Brooklyn’s REAL Deal

There is some GOLD in them there hills of Brooklyn.
There are also a few above average properties and a few that could use some attention.

The VALUE for the entire kit and kaboodle is where the amazing opportunity lies.

This could be your most exciting collection of properties located in Brooklyn’s Hot Spots, and some up and coming hot spots.
Hey, what’s NOT hot in Brooklyn right now?

It’s not IF it will become hot, it’s simply when.
You’ll be getting the properties at fair values today but with the anticipating of Brooklyn’s glamour to continue blazing further and further down the subway line path to the eventual next hot new and hip neighborhood.

  We Present This Special Package of Brooklyn Properties for Your Kind Consideration…

Corporate Office | Medical

This 13,458 sq ft building is used as office space.
There is tremendous interest in the area to repurpose as Southern Brooklyn Medical Center.
FAR as community use can be 3.0 making this a possible 60,000 square foot center.
Property Size is 100ft on Ave U by 200 deep.
Rare and unique building with parking for area and is in high demand.
2990 Avenue U | 11229

Original Log Cabin In Canarsie

Can you imagine, the same wood on the inside is also on the outside; making this a true Log Cabin.
This newly renovated office space enjoys great visibility on Flatlands Avenue in Canarsie.
The 50×74 Lot houses a 2495 sq ft building that was built in 1931.  A real sentimental favorite of the community.
9301 Flatlands Ave | 11236

Avenue U - Sheepshead Bay

Just a few blocks from the subway and buses on the corner too, make this a super accessible location for a Store and 2 Apartments.  20×90 lot with 2520 sq/ft building.  Lots of foot traffic.
2111 Avenue U | 11229

Kings Highway & Utica

Although the store is only 817 sq ft, it makes up for it in visibility.  This mostly storefront space has spectacular visibility on the Utica and Kings Highway sides and is smack in the middle of one of BK’s most trafficked intersections.
4936 Kings Highway | 11234

Bensonhurst Brick Beauty

Right in the heart of the vibrant Bensonhurst community.  Bay Parkway has a great location for shopping, dining and medical.  This versatile 2 story brick building is perfect as it’s recently renovated. First floor is office and there is potential on the second floor.  Backyard in Bensonhurst is special!
6416 Bay Parkway | 11204

HOT Atlantic & Hoyt Corner

The Crown Jewel Location on Atlantic Avenue
2 Stores plus 6 Apartments in PRIME BK Hotspot!
This special and rare opportunity presents itself with unlimited options. At this time the building is currently gutted and ready for your imagination to create a downtown masterpiece.
The location in bustling Downtown Brooklyn is only a few blocks from Barclay’s Center and the Brooklyn Court Area.
345 Atlantic Ave | 11201

Midwood prime corner

2 Stores and 2 Apartments
Just one look down Nostrand Avenue, and you’ll see that this area is the favorite of many developers and builders.  The vibrant Midwood community is only a few short blocks from the famous Brooklyn Junction at Flatbush/Nostrand Avenues.
Perfect for a top tenant looking for lots of foot traffic and activity.
2926 Avenue J | 11210

3 Stores in A Row

Double Store and Two Singles
Property Size: 55×100 with 4,496 sq ft of floor area.
This space is perfect for offices or your neighborhood favorite store.
9317 Avenue L | 11236

The Avenue N - Shopping Area

Extra Deep store on 20×100 property makes this special.  Gross Floor Area is 2800 sq ft.  Upstairs is currently vacant and has the opportunity to collect extra income.
4717 Avenue N | 11234

Flatbush Avenue - South BK

Kings Plaza is only a few blocks away and draws tremendous traffic past this store.  20×100 lot and 1380 sq ft.  Flatbush Avenue is the busiest street in southern BK.
2280 Flatbush Avenue | 11234

Special Curated Collection

This special package of properties presents an amazing opportunity to own a diverse portfolio in Brooklyn.  Take the deep dive and find out why this is Brooklyn’s REAL Deal!  Don’t Miss The Chance!
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